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Ofc: Ciudad de Panamá Panamá: Oficinas Ejecutivas San Francisco, Calle 70 # 68. 

Ph: +1 (954) 8896329



Ofc: Bogotá/Colombia

Aerpto Intl. El Dorado Ent 2 Int 7 Ofc 306

Ph: +571 4138067 

Mob: +57 3124797868


Our goal:


is to connect aircraft sellers and buyers to allow you to find and sell your aircraft not only to your local market but to the worldwide market as well.


We provide a great experience for you whether you are selling your aircraft or when you are buying an airplane.


Rotor Air Group has more than 20 years of expirience in worldwide aircraft  trading. Our extensive list of succesful transation in the fixed wing and rotary wing segments allow us to create a solid network of contacts and strategic associates worldwide.